Fm Portal® Purchase

Time and attention
The solution seems simple : connect the capabilities of the one on the needs of the other. That’s all.
Although … there are plenty of examples of large-scale procurement in which the benefits did not arise. This is often a matter of lack of attention and knowledge that are simply indispensable for an efficient and joint purchasing.
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Fm Portal® Safety

It does not matter whether it is a profit or a nonprofit organization. Security offers support to both offices and healthcare institutions in achieving an optimum safety . Its expertise in the field of security is incorporated into the overall Safety Concept.
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Fm Portal® Environment

Fm Portal® Environment focuses on achieving savings and optimizing your waste streams. By optimizing your waste you are not only environmentally friendly, but it also saves you an average of 10 % in operating costs.
In addition to waste we can achieve the same results in the field of energy.

Fm Portal® Clean

Complete cleaning concept
Fm Portal® Clean (FPS) offers you advice in the field of cleaning maintenance. Good cleaning service requires a professional and sincere interest in your organization. With our knowledge and experience we can offer you an optimal mix of market price and the right quality of cleaning maintenance. With the FPS values cheaper, easier and faster FPS is specialized in buying and managing your cleaning maintenance. In other words : A total concept for your cleaning ! The corporate FPS culture is determined by our mission and vision.
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Fm Portal® Consultancy

Consultancy already has 32 years of experience with these pathways, for small and medium-sized clients ! Our scope includes both new construction as well as renovation and refurbishments. We think along with you to achieve a clear and structured approach to the construction / renovation plans. We advise, request for quotations, negotiate for you, contract the various parties and monitor progress, quality and costs during the performance.
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