Fm Portal® is a product and service platform and has a wide range of facility products and services.
By taking products and services from Fm Portal® customers are qualitatively unburdened and it also results into savings.

  • Savings: you will save an important amount of money thanks to joint purchasing.
  • Convenience: as Fm Portal® acts as a front office between the buyer and supplier, we serve as a safety net for all your questions and problems.
  • Fm Portal® purchases for more than 600 profit and non -profit customers!

At present Fm Portal® has a network of about 66 preferred suppliers with an official cooperation agreement.
Furthermore, there are strategic partnerships in which Fm Portal® plays an important role.

Fm Portal® consists of two primary components:

Product Platform
The platform in which Facility Portal has signed a supplier agreement with preferred suppliers and products with purchasing benefits (by quantity) to Facility Portal and offered to its customers. These collaboration agreements result into the saving model ( purchasing benefits ) for the customer. With these collaboration agreements we cover a wide range of products which are useful for our customers.

To provide the purchasing advantages to our market (customers) we have further crystallized some services in which these benefits are applicable and which are stated in the service platform below.

Service Platform (Labels)

  • Fm Portal® Purchase
  • Fm Portal® Safety
  • Fm Portal® Consultancy
  • Fm Portal® Clean
  • Fm Portal® Environment

Each service therefore benefits from the so-called vendor agreements which have been closed with Facility Portal and suppliers and which are merged into the product platform Fm Portal®.

The reason why we have separately crystallized these services (labels) is the fact that this enables us best to show what services our customer can hire at Facility Portal. This gives a certain structure that we find desirable.

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