Fm Portal® Safety, your partner in unburdening !

A fire or burglary is always undesirable. In case of a fire it takes about 15 minutes before the firefighters are
“extinguishing ready” at the location. This means that you should take action yourself in the first 15 minutes.
A thorough fire safety plan is essential. In case of a burglary the safety service is not always on site in time as well, the material damage is often enormous. Simple solutions such as an alarm system, exterior lighting and sound hardware accessories often help to keep this unwanted visit and should not be expensive.

Safety can be defined as “a condition in which someone or something is free from danger or harm”.
100% safety can never be realized , but we can strive to get there as much as possible. Facility Portal does this with you and its concept Fm Portal® Safety.

Fm Portal® Safety supports you in this!

It does not matter whether it is a profit or a nonprofit organization. Fm Portal® Safety offers support to both offices, schools and health care institutions in achieving an optimum safety. Its expertise in the field of safety is incorporated into the overall concept Fm Portal® Safety.

Fm Portal® Safety
To help your organization to achieve the optimum (fire) safety level, Fm Portal® Safety has all the knowledge and solutions to identify, to bring to the correct level and to secure the (fire and burglary) safety. Fm Portal® Safety not only ensures that through knowledge it will contribute to safety by including a review of the legal frameworks, such as the Use Decre , NEN standards and permits, but also involves the person as a whole in this. As in many situations, it is appropriate also in safety that without the right human action it is not possible to create an optimal situation. Fm Portal® Safety makes your management more enjoyable , easier and cheaper!

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