Fm Portal® Safety, your partner in unburdening !

A fire or burglary is always undesirable. In case of a fire it takes about 15 minutes before the firefighters are
“extinguishing ready” at the location. This means that you should take action yourself in the first 15 minutes.
A thorough fire safety plan is essential. In case of a burglary the safety service is not always on site in time as well, the material damage is often enormous. Simple solutions such as an alarm system, exterior lighting and sound hardware accessories often help to keep this unwanted visit and should not be expensive.

Safety can be defined as “a condition in which someone or something is free from danger or harm”.
100% safety can never be realized , but we can strive to get there as much as possible. Facility Portal does this with you and its concept Fm Portal® Safety.

Fm Portal® Safety supports you in this!

It does not matter whether it is a profit or a nonprofit organization. Fm Portal® Safety offers support to both offices, schools and health care institutions in achieving an optimum safety. Its expertise in the field of safety is incorporated into the overall concept Fm Portal® Safety.

Fm Portal® Safety
To help your organization to achieve the optimum (fire) safety level, Fm Portal® Safety has all the knowledge and solutions to identify, to bring to the correct level and to secure the (fire and burglary) safety. Fm Portal® Safety not only ensures that through knowledge it will contribute to safety by including a review of the legal frameworks, such as the Use Decre , NEN standards and permits, but also involves the person as a whole in this. As in many situations, it is appropriate also in safety that without the right human action it is not possible to create an optimal situation. Fm Portal® Safety makes your management more enjoyable , easier and cheaper!

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Our method in brief:

Fire safety is identified on the basis of essential elements, at the occupancy permit, fire compartments, smoke compartments, escape, fire safety engineering, use of materials, fire protection systems, intrusion systems, escape route signs, emergency response, evacuation plan including escape route drawings etc.
This inventory results in a fire safety report with bottlenecks and points of improvement. These bottlenecks and points of improvement are then dealt with (action plan) so that the required fire safety level is reached quickly.

Then this level is guaranteed by continuous control by our management model and the annual evaluation of the (fire) safety. We are your contact for all questions. We also advise you regarding savings and maintenance.

Safety management is customized. Fm Portal® Safety gives the necessary attention to every aspect of the organization. Think of safety optimization for specific target groups for example. At the same time we look at cost savings through a review of the existing maintenance contracts amongst others.

What costs are involved?
Inventory management and fire and burglary safety is customized .
We would like the opportunity to offer a suitable solution for you!

Why Fm Portal Safety?

  • Fm Portal® Safety stands for Faster, Easier and Cheaper management of your fire and burglary safety;
  • Fm Portal® Safety is dynamic, provides customized services and therefore is always connected to your organization;
  • Fm Portal® Safety works well together with each fire fighter department, also in your region;
  • No more searching for documents in your existing log book;
  • Your log book is always on order and available 24 hours a day;
  • Never paying too much for maintenance and replacement of components;
  • Professional, always looking for the best solutions;
  • Providing the right (repeat) courses and training for existing and new employees;
  • Our proactive attitude leads to a considerable saving of time for you;
  • Collaboration with current maintenance / suppliers of the customer is of course possible;
  • The concept is proactively responding to the laws and regulations;
  • If desired, one can strive for Fireproof Building Mark.

Fm Portal® Safety has the following services available to you which we like to explain further :

  • Outsourcing of Manager fire alarm system;
  • Manage fire separations;
  • Project management;
  • Inspection of fire and burglary safety;
  • QuickScan Safety;
  • License applications and usage reports;
  • Advising Safety;
  • Support of fire safety requirements;
  • Free Scan of contracts extinguishing / emergency lighting / BMI etc .;
  • Escape drawings, evacuation plans and exercises;
  • Emergency response training and repeat courses;

Outsourcing ‘Manager fire alarm installation’
Each building with a fire alarm system, evacuation system , and / or smoke control system should be checked monthly by the NEN2654 ( -1-2-3 ). It does not matter whether the installation is certified, required or is provided voluntarily and whether the installation does or does not have a reporting to a RAC ( regional emergency center ) or PAC ( Central station ). The control of these installations should be performed by a ” trained person ” also called “Manager fire alarm installation”. Eleven times a year, the Manager fire alarm system should carry out a periodic inspection. Once a year this should be done by an external recognized and certified fire detection company.
The maintenance of the fire alarm and / or evacuation system has three types of maintenance;

  • A monthly inspection
  • A 4 and 8 monthly comprehensive control
  • An annual inspection performed by a qualified fire detection company

All events and the carried out maintenance associated with the operation of the fire alarm and / or evacuation system should be maintained in a log book by the Manager fire alarm.

If there has been a calamity within the object where a plant is present, the log books can be retrieved and read by the fire department, Justice and insurance companies. If checks are not or partly not implemented, negligence can be the case and it is possible that the user or owner of the building will be severally liable.

What Fm Portal® Safety can do for you:
Of course, within your company you can choose to train an employee to manage fire alarm. It goes without saying that, carrying out this task however, will bring a particular responsibility with it. The structural performance of maintenance takes time (and thus money), time that you as a customer often do not have in connection with your daily work processes. It is also true that when the private manager is on vacation, on leave,
sick or getting another job a new or additional manager should be trained.
Fm Portal® Safety allows you to outsource the required checks. This means that we and our certified employees take care of the monthly checks and ensure that you comply with the rules set out in the NEN2654. In addition, we can also relieve you on the compulsory annual inspections which must be performed by an approved fire detection company with one of your own or our partners. Furthermore we are capable of resetting the central unit for you after an alarm.

Your benefits:

  • You comply with the laws and regulations
  • You have no training costs and no need to take into account work schedules of the Manager fire alarm system.
  • Staff changes have no impact on the management of the fire alarm.
  • You can spend your time on your own work
  • The administrative tasks are carried out by specialists, this is a safety benefit
  • For a fixed monthly fee you know where you stand, there are no unexpected costs

For a fixed monthly fee we can unburden the management, control and maintenance of your system. This is already possible from € 69, — per month ! Ask about the conditions and our expanded capabilities.

Management of fire separations
Maintenance and use of a building is dynamic. In the course of time there will be changes or alterations take place which is not always beneficial to fire safety.
From experience we know that fire separations often exhibit defects caused by work carried out over the years. An additional cable duct or installation is placed easily.
To ensure that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises afterwards and you don’t have major costs for repairing defects in fire separations, it is of great importance for this purpose to set up a management protocol and to annually check the fire separations. Moreover, the control, management and restoration of penetrations in fire separations are governed in the building regulations by Article 1:16 paragraph 2 Duty of care :

Article 1.16 Duty of care
1. An under or pursuant to the law existing installation as referred to in Chapter 6 of this decision :
A. operates according to the applicable requirements of the installation ;
B. is properly managed , maintained and monitored , and
C. is used in such a way that it does not endanger the health or safety or continues.
2. After applying or changing a cable, pipe or other transit into or through a partition construction which, by virtue of this Decree, a requirement is applicable with regard to resistance to fire penetration and fire or smoke passage, the fire resistance and flashover or smoke passage is controlled adequately.

What Fm Portal® Safety can do for you :
On the basis of the management protocol (to be prepared) and log book of fire rated penetrations and amenities in the fire separations in your building, Fm Portal® Safety can provide an annual audit for you by its inspectors. Mutation maps are included in the log book which must be completed by each contractor in case of work which is performed to fire separations in your building. These changes are included in the annual inspection so that it can directly be assessed if repair is necessary.

Project management
Besides advising, Fm Portal® Safety is the right place for project management before, during and after taking fire safety measures to your property.
With its specialists Fm Portal® Safety is able to support or completely relieve you in the following phases:

  • Conducting a study on the measures and / or provisions to take;
  • Preparation of the PVE, design and specifications;
  • Preparing a cost estimate / budget;
  • Taking care of the procurement;
  • Conducting price negotiations with contractors and giving an award recommendation;
  • The monitoring and supervising of the implementation;
  • Taking care of the delivery and any certifications;
  • Drawing up a log book and management protocol.

Inspection of fire and intrusion safety
In the first decade of this century many municipalities issued Use Permits of Fireproof Usage. Prior to the release of a Use Permit there has often been a comprehensive study of the constructional- and technical installation facilities in your building. Perhaps you need to make adjustments to your building. That you as owner or employee have a use permit however is no guarantee that you actually meet the regulations or that your risks are minimized. Maintenance and use of a building is dynamic. In the course of time adjustments will be made which do not always benefit to fire safety. From experience we know that, especially above systemic ceilings, fire separations regularly exhibit malfunctions caused by work carried out over the years.

With a detailed examination of Fm Portal® Safety you know exactly where you stand and if so, what risks you run at this very moment. Any fire separation and installation is examined in detail and recorded in a log book. If required we can hereafter take over the process of updating the fire separations and / or fire protection systems into our management.

QuickScan safety
Would you, as owner or occupier of a building, like to be sure if the applied fire safety provisions are sufficient for the risks in your building? FM Portal® Safety can provide a quick clarity on this through a QuickScan . You will receive a clear report so you know exactly if your organization is running unnecessary risks.

Is your building really safe?
In 2012 the new Building Act 2012 came into force. In chapters 6 and 7 prescriptions are subscribed for fire safe use of structures. Users of buildings in which an increased risk applies (number of persons present, non- or reduced autonomy ), must apply for an Environmental Permit Fireproof Usage. This authorization replaces the former Usage Permit.

In addition to the requirements for fire safe use, every building must also meet the general ( architectural ) requirements of the Building Act 2012. This includes the fire compartmentation and fire safety installations.
Most owners or users of a building in which there is a high risk, already have received an occupancy permit in the past. This should sufficiently regulate the engineering situation and use, and the owner or user assumes all risks are covered up.

But is this really the case?
When issuing an Environmental Permit of Fireproof Use, the competent authority (usually the Municipal Office ) relies on the once granted planning permission for the building. This building permit indicates the fire separations and fire compartments in the building. These drawings are the basis for the Environmental permit
Fireproof Use to be issued. An inspection for issuance of the license is often done only in general by means of a visual inspection.

The problem and danger lurks in things that cannot be easily visually inspected. Above the suspended ceilings for example, defects are caused to fire separations by conducting technical adjustments in the course of time. Regardless of all licenses issued it turns out that in a fire escape routes fall out through smoke spread or a fire can spread quickly and uncontrollably.

Do not take any risks!
Regardless of the fact that the owner or user has all the necessary permits, the owner or user is responsible for keeping order on the fire safety provisions as originally recorded in the building permit of the building.
Fm Portal® Safety allows you to perform a QuickScan to the state of the structural fire protection in the building. In consultation with the owner or user, we conduct a survey in the building. The owner or user receives a report with clear recommendations.

License & Usage Notification
To use a building or other structure fireproof, you need to take some action. In addition, you must adhere to the Building Act 2012. In more risky types of usage you will also need to apply for an environmental fire safe use . Or you have to report a usage notification.

Environmental Permit fire safe use
Will you be using a building that provides shelter to more than 10 people ? Or daycare to more than 10 people less than 12 years ? Or physical or mental disabled persons ? Such as a hospital , nursery, school or hotel ? Then you need an environmental permit fire safe use. For some non-structures you also need an environmental permit fire safe use . For example for a floating disco or a floating hotel. For these no -structures the rules of fire safety regulation of your town will apply.

Usage Notification
For the use of certain buildings a usage notification is sufficient. These are buildings with accommodation for more than 50 people. For example high schools, offices, restaurants, sports facilities, shopping centers and supermarkets.
If you as a user or owner of a building have to apply for any of the previous licenses, it will cost you a lot of time and sometimes annoyance. Fm Portal® Safety takes all these worries out of your hands and can do the license request for you.

Safety Advising
Are you going to remodel, expand or build new? Fm Portal® Safety specializes in providing expert advice in the field of constructional and technical fire safety installation. We can totally independent request detailed quotes for you at installers, construction companies and contractors.
We think along with you and translate your needs into solutions that fit the relevant regulations.
We also can prepare a list of requirements (PVE, today UPD, starting document) for a new or existing installation such as a fire alarm system, evacuation system and sprinkler system. The PVE may also form the basis for a possible certification.

Support on fire safety requirements
The owner or occupier of a building often has to deal with complex laws and regulations in the field of architectural- or installation technical fire safety. Often standard solutions as described in the regulations are inapplicable. In that case it is necessary to customize. The competent authority (municipality / fire department) will make demands on the constructional and installation technical adjustments to be performed. Fm Portal® Safety assesses the requirements and can possibly indicate alternatives in consultation with you and the authority. The principle is that your building is maximum safe at the lowest possible costs.

Free Scan maintenance contracts of fire extinguishers / emergency lighting / BMI etc.
If Fm Portal® Safety becomes your partner in managing your safety, we will periodically benchmark your maintenance and issue an advice. So you are always guaranteed of the right price / performance ratio !

Drawings escape routes / evacuation plans and exercises
An evacuation plan clearly indicates where a person is, which is the ideal escape route and where fire resources and other life-saving appliances are available. Safety maps of your company provides a clear overview of the situation and are indispensable in a good evacuation plan. Fm Portal® Safety can produce them for you at any dimension.
The evacuation plan is a nice grip for the emergency response team and a good guide for the professional agencies, should any emergencies arise. On the basis of a safety plan people, and any materials can rapidly be brought to safety. The emergency response team can now act quickly because the locations of the escape route and extinguishing materials are known. This can prevent worse and there will be better coordination with external agencies.
It is important that your documents are in order and remain in order. In case of modifications, extensions and / or modifications of your building, it is necessary to modify the documents where necessary.
Fm Portal® Safety takes care of the escape route drawings. Taking care of evacuation (emergency response plan) as well as assistance with evacuation exercises belong to our service.

Emergency response training and repeat courses.
An emergency response employee (BHV) is responsible for fighting a starting fire, providing first aid and assisting in an evacuation. Since 1994, the Health and Safety Act requires every employer to ensure the safety of customers and employees by appointing BHV (s). Do you employ staff? Then you are legally required to appoint sufficient persons as emergency response employee and a BHV should always be present within your company.

Keep knowledge and skills up to date! That can be done by participating in the one-day Emergency Response Repetition Course. This allows you to extend the validity of the NIBHV Diploma. This makes you comply with the legal responsibility for a safe workplace. The Emergency Response Repetition Course has a different theme each year and thus remains an interesting and varied training.

Your employees probably already attended an emergency response training. This training must be repeated annually, an important link in safety. Fm Portal® Safety provides these courses for you!

Interested ?

Please send a message and receive a free logbook scan with advice for your location.

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