Why Fm Portal® Purchase ?

A concept starts with a vision
A vision for the joint organization of certain activities, which can result into savings. During the 15 years that the concept is active, the employees at Fm Portal® have often been surprised by the ease and lack of understanding whereby boards of companies neglect to achieve a more efficient procurement and collaboration. Even merges many times do not lead to what you expect to be the first advantage: a more efficient purchasing.

There are plenty of examples to give about the benefits of shopping at larger scale definitely are not at all achieved. Organizations often undergo things in a passive way, thus are wasting millions of euros annually. The number of companies which save money through joint purchasing and working together in some areas of business are unfortunately rare and self-contained. We want to bring together interested parties for a purchasing platform which will be saving costs and time because of jointly purchasing. Thus: All benefits for all parties !


Interested ?

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