Why manage your security online?

Fm Portal® Online is a smart online software which makes it possible to efficiently monitor the status of fire safety facilities in a building. With user-friendly routines specifications of individual fire protection facilities and timely check-ups are entered into a digital system. Various parties can view this data and can customize it depending on their authorization. This results in an up- to-date log. Because the log no longer is present as a physical binder full of paper, the data are less vulnerable, easier to keep up to date and much more transparent.
All your files can be viewed digitally in Fm Portal®® Online, to be send or to be printed in clear reports from any location. This contributes significantly to greater security around the fire safety situation of a building.

Fm Portal® Online – Digital management of your documents
It is the solution for archiving digital documentation by location and keeping it up to date. Think about the occupancy permit / usage reporting, logs, maintenance, evacuation exercises and eventually your rental contract and all necessary drawings. This ensures that all important documents always and instantly are available to you, making certain processes become more efficient. For example, when firefighters visit your location for a check they want to see certain information. No problem any longer, we support you on this by Fm Portal® Online including our presence at the appointment.

Fm Portal® Safety is a dynamic concept. As every organization has its own needs and requirements in the area of (fire) safety. Therefore, the various components of the project can be optionally deployed, such as baseline maintenance, BS inspections, permits and ( digital) management.

So, more insight through Fm Portal® Online!
Fm Portal® Online is built in several levels. For example, the installer of the fire alarm system and the maintenance of the emergency lighting work in their own layer, invisible to each other. The facility manager has a total overview, even of multiple systems simultaneously, in which at a glance all the documents and related information are available. Document flow within facilities management ? You no longer have to ‘ worry about it ‘

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Ideal for the installer
A medium-sized installation can be put in the system completely within 30 minutes and a function matrix can be constructed. Fm Portal® Online also signals which documents lack with the installation to be able to be certified or completed.

Practical for the Administrator BMI
The BMI Administrator can make use of a digital management form each month, in accordance with the NEN2654 regulation. Fm Portal® Online will notice if a manual or installation drawing of the fire alarm is present.

Convenience for other suppliers
Maintenance certificates and course lists , for example of fire extinguishers and emergency and escape route lighting, are directly uploaded and posted on the site. You do not have any unnecessary print and mail operations anymore.

Clear overview for the facility manager
Inventory is crucial. All your suppliers independently and invisible to each other place their documents in your locations. In Fm Portal® Online you also have space for your evacuation plan, emergency plans, permits, letters after checking ” fire safe use ‘, certificates, etc.
Using the location map you will receive a notification 2x per year when e.g. the monthly management should take place, when approaching service intervals and when a fault is reported.

Complete for your Head of ER
The manual fire alarm system as well as certificates, evacuation plans and drawings of plants can be viewed directly online. Evacuation plans can be send from Fm Portal® Online to new employees or visitors.

Perfect for controling agencies
Experience shows that when having your documents in perfect order, this contributes to the reactionspeed / control and quality of your safety.

Exquisite convenience for your insurance company
Also your insurance company is pleased with this new development. The actual data remains available in any situation and can not be lost.
Fm Portal® Online is the log that can not disappear in smoke !

The Fm Portal® Online system is extremely well protected. Data you exchange with the servers is sent encrypted.

The costs for using Fm Portal® Online amounts from € 8.50 per month, per location. (Exclusive of VAT). Upon purchase of a management contract, these costs are already included in the costs of the management contract.

Interested ?

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