Fm Portal® Consultancy, a conscious choice !

Each project , new construction or renovation , has many important decisions as a result. Not only for now , but also for the future. How to prepare your organization for the change in housing for example? For which suppliers and contractors do you choose ? How do you control progress and budget? A major challenge , especially when the core business of your organization should not be encountered by any interference.

Fm Portal® Consultancy

already has 32 years of experience with these pathways, for small and medium-sized clients ! Our scope includes both new construction as well as renovation and refurbishments. We think along with you to achieve a clear and structured approach to the construction / renovation plans. From the start of the project until the final delivery and aftercare. Through years of experience in coaching of (re) construction / renovation processes we know exactly what ‘s going on. Whenever you turn to us, your main interests are our central point of view.
We advise, request for quotations, negotiate for you, contract the various parties and monitor progress, quality and costs during the performance.

Fm Portal® Consultancy provides total support during the construction process. From concept to completion and beyond. We are the project manager during construction that controls all parties involved and ensure that the process is completed efficiently so that the project will be carried out optimally in terms of planning, budget and quality. In short, one point of contact throughout the process but also afterwards ! We consider aftercare equally important. If required, we provide turnkey so including any facility implementation and additional work requests.

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The activities of Fm Portal® Consultancy are divided into the following services:

  • Project Support;
  • Research, advising and management;

Project Support

  • Project Supervision
  • Management Lining
  • Compliance with contract documents
  • Project Completion

The execution of project supervision is essential for the quality of a construction project. With our knowledge and experience we guarantee you a professional project management. Fm Portal® Consultancy represents you as a client during the construction process. With great enthusiasm we will manage all parties involved during the construction process.

Project Supervision
The quality of the implementation of the project is determined by the performance of supervision. Fm Portal® Consultancy checks the progress of the construction process based on the transmission command.
Fm Portal® Consultancy identifies, advises and limits exceptions to a minimum with respect to the agreements made.

Management Lining
In the name of the client Fm Portal® Consultancy also functions as a controller for all construction partners. Fm Portal® Consultancy does this through work meetings, construction and similar meetings with all stakeholders in the process. Also Fm Portal® Consultancy assesses any reduction or increase of work with respect to the assignment and advises the client.

Compliance of contract documents
Fm Portal® Consulting oversees compliance with the specifications and drawings . We also monitor the required information such as drawings and other agreements.

Project Completion
Upon delivery we provide a perfect accompaniment . The project will be inspected and any defects are recorded in a delivery list.

Investigations, and management advising

  • Reporting and advise
  • MJOP
  • Management

Reporting and advice
Fm Portal® Consultancy provides maintenance reports for you. The research data we define clear and transparent in project reporting, if necessary explained with pictures. These reports of course include an advice, which can serve as a document for preparing your budget for long-term planning.

Fm Portal® CConsultancy takes care of your multi-year maintenance planning for a manageable and a clear document, including a detailed cost estimate.

After the creation of your MJOP, Fm Portal® Consultancy manages them.
Here we will manage the parties responsible for the maintenance work. We do this through digital Fm Online Portal, a web environment that is available for you as a client 24 hours a day.

In short: Fm Portal® Consultancy is your mainstay for the realization of building projects.


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